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"Oh… There you are… Thanks for joining me here… I'll tell you all about this dramatic website… I know that usually women are the toys of others but men can make the best of sex toys if used the right way by a beautiful woman. She has him bound in any number of ways, all with his hard thingie showing as she takes the lash to his tense white bottom. She smiles at his pale face as she puts on the huge strapon. He seems to plead with his eyes but there's no mercy in her cold gaze. She takes a tight hold on his twitching hips rubbing the rubber toy against his own stiff length. With a strong thrust, she slowly fills his tight butt with her 'thingie' enjoying his whimpers as she stretches him out. Yes… That does sound hot… Oh… Your hand feels good there…

Women are normally considered the weaker sex but not in this artist's world. Here men are the playthings of sexy, powerful women to be used without care. She likes him naked and bound. The man is helpless before her taking any punishment she can imagine. With her strong hand or a paddle, his bottom is heated till its ready to burst into flame as she enjoys watching him squirm before her. These sexy women are so strong it makes me shiver… The hot lady watches with pleasure as the man groans in pain, her foot stepping down on his throbbing hardness. There is a wide variety of hand drawn art that's sure to give you a tempting look into a world dominated by sexy ladies where the men are the favorite toys to be used and abused. I'm sure you'll find this exciting site only getting better as the months go by…"


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